The aim of Treatment

Bach Flower Remedies are a self-help system that ordinary people can use in their daily life. There are different ways to learn to use them: you can buy books, you could attend a course, you could see a practitioner for a consultation. While in courses and books the focus is on describing each remedy and their function, I would say that seeing a practitioner has the plus of teaching the client also how to understand their emotions and "read them through the lines", so that using the remedies becomes more effective.


My goal is teaching my clients how to use the remedies. In order to do that, I see my clients on a one-to-one consultation basis, either face-to-face or on Skype, that is aimed to pull out what their bad feelings are and what is bothering them in this time of life. Once we have found out which remedies are more appropriate to help overcome the bad feelings, I mix up a bottle of remedies that my client will take in drops daily. Three weeks later there will be a second consultation, where we check the current situation, the previous mixing bottle and the need of new remedies. The process will repeat itself until the client feels enough confident to use the remedies by themselves, without my support.

I am also available for sporadic consultations, e.g. when you are in a difficult situation, stuck somewhere with your feelings and in need of a hand to "unravel the puzzle".

Bach Flower Remedies can be used with people, animals and plants. I specialise with people and here below you can find the groups I work with.

picture of adults

Adults and Elderly People

Being an adult is wonderful on many points of view, but it could be challenging from time to time, as life can hit us any moment and find us unprepared sometimes. The remedies can help us to cope with our daily problems, relationships, issues about ourselves, personality traits and more.

Working on our emotions, and helping us to make significant shifts in our lives, Bach Flower Remedies can also help us to get to know ourselves better and become a bit more acceptable to ourselves, so that life can be a nice journey instead of a nightmare!

picture of teenagers


Adolescence can be a hard time of life because a lot of physical and emotional change is going on and we experience a lot of situations that sound completely new to us. During adolescence we are shifting from childhood, where our parents mostly rule our life and our only interest is playing, to adulthood, where we become the main character of our life story and we can make our own choices.

As teenagers, we probably don't feel children anymore, but not even adult yet, and this might be quite confusing and cause a lot of problems.

This delicate transition can be soothed by the remedies in a gentle and effective way, so that we can live those wonderful years in the best way.

picture of Flower

Babies and Children

Babies and children don't have the emotional barriers that we do, they are free and they can show you or tell you how they feel straight away, so that using Bach Flower Remedies with them is easier and highly recommended. The remedies can help babies and children to cope with what we might see as trivial issues, but to them they can appear insurmountable.

The way to work with babies and children is different than with grown up people, as the aim is not teaching them how to use the remedies themselves, but just helping them with their unbalances.

When it comes to babies, their parents (or the closest people to them) will have to tell me what is wrong with them and I will identify the correct remedies.

A consultation with children is based on playing and chatting for a while, in order to find out what is going on with them and prepare a bottle with the appropriate remedies.