picture of Cristina in cornwall

I am passionate about Bach Flower Remedies, I practice yoga and different disciplines that help me to keep the connection with myself, which I find it is the most important aspect of my life. Teaching has been my passion since I was a kid and I have been a foreign language teacher since 2008.

My passion for Bach Flower Remedies stems in 2013, when I first used them to help me with a deep feeling of self-guilt that I had been carrying for almost all my life. The remedy Pine worked gratefully and really quickly with me and I can now tell that a new life had started. From that moment on I have never stopped using the remedies, and realised how important it is to be aware of our emotions. Becoming a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner was just the obvious next step that I had to take.

I love being a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner because it allows me to use my teaching skills together with a fascinating self-help system.