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Hello, a warm welcome to my website.

Living a balanced life is probably the best way to be happy, but unfortunately this not always occurs. Being in balance means having a strong body, a steady mind and a peaceful emotional state. If one of this aspects is out of balance, chances are that the others will get out of balance too at some point. That is why I would like to stress the importance of living a balanced life on all three aspects. This website focusses on emotions, but please don't forget to keep an eye also on the other two.

Due to the multitude of experiences that we go through during our life, it's not uncommon to undergo bad feelings like anxiety, anger, guilt, loneliness and more. If you feel unhappy with some aspects of your life, you might need to find some emotional balance that would enable you to be strong and prepared to face life in a more positive way.

The way to find emotional balance is to tap into ourselves, stop using our body and mind for a moment and allow our emotions to express themselves. Once we have found out what is bothering us, we can use Bach Flower Remedies, a set of 38 different remedies that help us to get back on track.

As a Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner, I am here to help you in this process, teaching you how to become aware of yourself and your emotions and how to use the remedies when bad feelings burst into your life, more or less unexpectedly. This will enable you to become autonomous when it comes to choose the appropriate remedies and you won't necessarily need to seek help somewhere else when you are having a hard time. Are you ready to become your own healer?

To know more about Bach Flower Remedies and what bad emotions they cover please visit the section remedies.

Please get in touch with me here if you want to have more information or to book your appointment. A first free consultation is available for you over the phone or by email.

Consultations are held in Bristol city centre and on Skype from Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 8pm (UK time).

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"Cristina is very intuitive and is really great at helping you explore the beliefs behind your emotions. I found the time with her very valuable for finding clarity around issues and she has a very calming presence. The remedies she recommended at each session produced significant shifts in my life and worked wonderfully. I would highly recommend her practice". Bethan

"It has been such a blessing to have had many emotions released using Bach Flowers with Cristina. Bach Flowers have turned my life around on so many levels I am so grateful". Becks

"Using Bach flower remedies was a new experience, and has been both satisfying and productive. I enjoyed the consultations very much as Cristina was calm, reassuring and discerning in the choice of remedies. The venue was a gem! After a week or so it felt as if some of the 'blocks' were freeing up, which has been marvelously liberating. Since the initial consultations proved so rewarding I have branched out using the remedies and have found much enjoyment with the 'alchemical' processes. Thank you Cristina! :-)" Rebecca